Welcome to Seaforth

Welcome to the Seaforth School web page. As you scroll through the pages of this web site, I hope you will find evidence of the things that make Seaforth such a special place for our students, parents, community and staff. It is the strong efforts, talents, and insights of these stakeholders that create the comprehensive and quality programs that we are able to offer to our students.

Our school’s mission statement: As part of our professional commitment to respond to new challenges and meet the changing needs of our students, the Seaforth students, parents, community and staff supports the belief that school must be a place where people want to be, where the learning environment is conducive to intellectual, physical, aesthetic, and social development. Fundamental to this belief is the willingness of all participants to be open to possibilities. Such openness may best flourish in an atmosphere of trust and respect; an environment that invites individuals to ask questions and seek responses, to take risks and make mistakes. Individuals should feel that they belong within a caring community and school and are in a secure position from which to explore new ideas and accept new challenges. We value opportunities to develop critical thinking skills; a life-long appreciation of learning and creative expression, and a healthy, active lifestyle. Our focus on the goals of education establishes a common ground upon which to base learning that is relevant to the school situation and reflects the values of a democratic society. It is important that our curriculum reflects the ‘real world’ and that our teaching enables students to gain necessary skills and knowledge. Students, parents, educators, support staff and members of the community all contribute to the creation and maintenance of this vision of our school. Working toward a common vision can assist each of us to reach our potential as lifelong learners.