Student School Supplies

Seaforth Student Supply Lists 2022.2023

Thank you for reading the following supply lists for September.

  • Please see details for items specific to the French or English Programs (Grades 4 to 7)
  • Brand name is mentioned to indicate the quality required.
  • NO liquid paper please
  • Please see notes regarding extra clothes, shoes, gym strip etc.
  • Student School Planners (Grades 1 – 7) to be purchased from Seaforth School in September
  • Additional school supplies may be requested by the classroom teacher
Kindergarten Grade 1 Grade 2
Grade 3 Grade 4/5 Grade 6/7


École Seaforth Elementary School is pleased to offer parents an online purchase opportunity for school supplies for 2022.2023.  Following is purchase opportunity is optional.   Please be sure to check the Seaforth Supply Lists above for additional items required and not listed in the Creative Packs, eg: gym strip; change of clothes; extra shoes, etc.

We have again coordinated with Creative Children of Port Moody, BC, to source and provide quality supplies for our students.   Orders placed before July 4, 2022 will be delivered to École Seaforth School and distributed to students in September  – there is no delivery charge for this option.   Orders placed after the July 4th deadline, will be shipped to the student home and is subject to a $12 delivery fee.     This purchase opportunity is optional.

Please note: 

Part A: The essential pack with items chosen by your teacher/school. This comes as a package deal with all items listed included.  Items cannot be changed, substituted, or omitted.

Part B items: Individual items may be purchased by adding them to your Pack order or bring them in from home.

Part C items are optional.

Part B and/or C items must be ordered at the SAME TIME as the Part A pack. You cannot come back to the website and order Part B or C items separately at a later date.

To purchase Creative Pack student supplies click here: