Grade 7 Transition to Secondary School – Planning for September 2024

École Seaforth School – Important Communication for All Grade 7 Parents & Guardians – Pre-Transition to Secondary School

Dear Grade 7 Parents and Guardians,

Today (January 8) all Grade 7 Students will be provided with a Grade 7 Pre-transition to Secondary School form (copies attached for your reference).

click here: Students in French Immersion Program                      click here: Students in English Program

Please be sure to check with your child, complete and return the form by the due date of January 15.

The Grade 7 Pre-transition to Secondary School form is intended to help us understand what choices you may be considering.  This will help ensure that we provide you appropriate Cross District Transfer Forms, links, or other support as required.   This is not intended to be a final decision on your part as we are aware that many families will soon attend various Secondary School open houses.

Please complete the form as best you can, based on what you know today.  If you have several options to consider please indicate the choices on the form.

Please note that Burnaby District Cross District and Out of District forms can be submitted in February 2024. https://burnabyschools.ca/registration/

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please contact the school office directly. Thank you for your prompt attention.

Betty Avila,  School Administrative Secretary    Betty.Avila@burnabyschools.ca