Seaforth Student Leadership – Hot Chocolate Sale – January 25 K to Gr3 & January 26 Gr4 to 7

Hi Seaforth families, this week, Seaforth Leadership students have organized a Hot Chocolate fundraiser for our new school playground.   Here are some details if you are interested in helping support our Leadership initiative to fundraiser for our new playground.
Cost:   $2 / cup    –     There may be limited quantities available, therefore sales will be limited to one Hot Chocolate cup per student.
When: Lunch Break @ 12:15pm on:
Wednesday, January 25 – Primary (K to Gr3) Students
Thursday, January 26 – Intermediate (Gr4 to 7) Students
Where: The Front Entrance of the school.     Please remind your child to line up outside the front doors with exact change (a toonie) to purchase their hot chocolate.
More Details:   In the interest of sustainability, Leadership students encourage your child to bring a reusable cup. All reusable cups will receive extra mini marshmallows for showing their care for our environment!
Dietary Considerations: The hot chocolate mixture does contain dairy. There will also be mini marshmallows (containing gelatin) as a topping. Marshmallows can be optional.
Thank you so much for your support!   Seaforth Student Leadership 2023