Safety at School – Reminders

Safety at School – Reminders.  

Family life can get pretty hectic but it’s important to remember – and share with your children – some key tips that will help keep them safe and healthy throughout the school year.


1. Arriving at School Safely: Whether children walk or get a ride to school it is vitally important that they – and the motorists around them – take proper safety precautions.

  • Parents: Practice walking safety with your child: crossing streets at crosswalks, looking both ways; never wal through a parking lot; never walk out on the road between cars;
  • Do not walk through, drive through, drop off or pick up in school parking lots;
  • Walk on the sidewalk;
  • Wear bright-colored clothing.


2. Sledding and Sliding at School: There is a daily announcement advising students if conditions are suitable, or not, for sledding that day. Students are asked to respect the following guidelines designed to maximize sledding efficiency, comfort and safety. Parents – review the following with your child:

  • You must have a sled (but can share with a few others) and wear snow pants;
  • The hill behind the playground is the designated sledding area;
  • Students are asked to walk up the hill on the LEFT or RIGHT side of the hill (near the trees at the top of hill);
  • Students are to slide down the MIDDLE of the hill and move off to the side IMMEDIATELY;
  • Students who do not respect the guidelines will be asked to play elsewhere.
  • Students should bring a change of clothing.


3. BC Wet Coast”: Parents please ensure your children have weather appropriate clothing:

  • At recess, all students go outside, rain or shine or snow;
  • Students need to be dressed in accordance with the weather each day;
  • Parents please provide a change of clothing and shoes to be kept in the classroom.