April 2023 – Seaforth PAC Meeting Minutes

Thank you for joining us for the PAC meeting held April 25, 2023.

Please read the Seaforth PAC Meeting Minutes for April 25, 2023  – now available on the School Website under the “Parents”  tab.

We look forward to seeing you at the next PAC meeting via Zoom.  PAC meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday each month.

Our PAC Executive for 2022/23:      Chairperson – Dan Cabral      Vice Chair – Brea Sami
Treasurers – Alison Cuvier / Céline Sutherland      Secretary – Heather Szabo
DPAC – Connie Hobbis      CPF – Sheena Vail

Members at Large: Emily Cronk, Kelly Fang, Wendy Jang, Melia Kincade, Allana Koo, Irene Libby, Lakshmi Mani, Shilpi Shah, Pary Rocchetti

Seaforth PAC – Seaforth.pac@burnabyschools.ca