Grade 7 Graduating Class 2017.2018

Dear Families of Seaforth’s Grade 7 Graduating Class 2017.2018.  This is a milestone year for our daughters and sons in Grade 7 as they say “Farewell” to elementary school and cherish lasting memories made with their friends.  To commemorate this special year, the 2018 Graduation Parent Committee (“Grad Committee) is seeking your support.

This year, with Dal Sidhu and Maria Fazio as our Co-Chairs, our Grad Committee will meet many times to plan Grade 7 Grad activities.  These include:

-hosting a  lunch and dance on Friday, June 22, 2018 for teachers and students (including food, decorations, and activities);

-compiling a Yearbook (including photos of the Grade 7 students and their final year’s activities); and,

-providing flowers for the Graduation Leaving Ceremony on Wednesday, June 27, 2018.

In lieu of holding a fundraising campaign, we are asking Grade 7 families to make a contribution of $30 per student (or more if your family is able to donate more).  You can pay this through SchoolCash Online on the Seaforth School Website.  If necessary, a cheque payable to “Seaforth Elementary” may be submitted to the office.  Please ensure you write “Grad Donation” and your child’s name, teacher and division on the cheque.  We hope you join us in adding your $30+ to the Grad Committee fund. 

At our first meeting on October 5, 2017 sub-committees were formed with team leads as follows:

Food Sub-Committee with Angela Han as team lead (teammomcanada@gmail.com)

Decoration Sub-Committee with Yuka Tanahara as team lead (yuka_76@yahoo.ca)

Music Sub-Committee with Carlie Dominelli as team lead (carliedominelli@telus.net)

Invitations Sub-Committee with Annie Hobson as team lead (alhobson@outlook.com)

We continue to welcome volunteers for all sub-committees and welcome all interested parents to attend our next meeting on Monday, November 20, 2018 at 7pm in the school library.  Alternatively, please email the team lead of the sub-committee you are interested in helping out. 

The Yearbook will be compiled by Eliza Lum and we invite all parents and grade 7 students to submit group/class photos, in the highest quality possible, to:  seaforthgrad2018@gmail.com.  We will  need  many photos so please consider taking photos at sporting events, class field trips, assemblies, and other grade 7 events throughout the year and sending them in so that they can be included in the Yearbook.   Working together we will provide a memorable event for our Graduates.    Regards,  The 2018 Graduation Parent Committee