COVID-19: School Bulletin for Feb. 8, 9 & 10

Dear Families,
Please read the attached letter from the Fraser Health Authority. This letter shares important information regarding someone with COVID-19 having been at our school and states that this does not mean you or your family have been exposed to COVID-19.
Our school will continue to implement the strict protocols and procedures we have in place, so that students can continue to attend school as safely as possible. We are advised by Fraser Health that students should keep coming into class while contact tracing is underway. As a reminder, please continue to do the daily health check (found here) to monitor your child for illness. Should they have symptoms of COVID-19, follow the advice of public health and get tested.
We are working closely with Fraser Health to provide ongoing communication as required. Learn more on Fraser Health’s website here about the way staff and parents are notified when a COVID-19 exposure occurs at a school.
Information about what phone number to call and where to learn more if you have health questions or concerns is contained in Fraser Health’s letter.
I want to thank you in advance for your kindness and compassion to everyone in our school community.

Shairoz Merani, Principal
Seaforth Elementary

SEAFORTH Bulletin Feb 8-10